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Are you a contractor looking to grow your business, connect with more investors, and boost your reputation? Look no further! Discover why purchasing a membership with our Investor Friendly KC Contractor Directory is the smartest move you'll make for your business.

Why Should Contractors Choose Our Membership?

Cost-Effective Marketing: Forget expensive advertising campaigns. Our membership offers a cost-effective way to reach investors actively looking for contractors.

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Build Credibility: Showcase your skills, certifications, and credentials.

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Membership Benefits:

  • Profile listed under your preferred categories.
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  • Any specials or coupons can be sent in to be featured on our Facebook page.
  • Investor Friendly KC is marketed to investors during local investor group meetings and on their Facebook pages when applicable.


New Year Special

$195 One Year Basic Membership

Basic Membership $240 per year for 1 Category

*Businesses are listed in alphabetical order under the selected category except for a business who elects to pay for premium ad placement.

**All membership fees are due upfront for an annual membership.

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Additional Membership Options:

Choose premium placement in your category of choice.

  • $60 per yr. for spot #1 under your category
  • $40 per yr. for spot #2 under your category
  • $20 per yr. for spot #3 under your category

*Each spot is available to only one company per category per year.

Choose additional categories:

  • $20 per category per yr.

Be featured on our home page under the FEATURED CONTRACTORS:

  • $50 per month for a 30-day feature contractor ad

*Limited to 4 contractors per month

How to Sign Up

  1. Email:, call or text 816-607-1096

  2. Choose your membership package.

  3. We create your contractor profile.

  4. Start receiving leads and growing your business!

Disclaimer: Contractor Directory Advertising - No Guaranteed Leads or Business.

The advertising services provided by our contractor directory are designed to promote your business and increase your visibility within our platform. While we strive to connect advertisers with potential clients, we want to make it clear that we do not guarantee the generation of leads or business as a result of advertising with us.

Here are some key points to consider:

Advertising Results May Vary: The effectiveness of advertising can vary based on various factors, including your business's offerings, market conditions, competition, and the quality of your advertisements.

Client Engagement: Although we aim to connect you with potential clients, their decision to engage your services ultimately depends on their specific needs, preferences, and budget.

Market Dynamics: Market dynamics can change, and the demand for specific contractor services may fluctuate over time. As such, we cannot guarantee a consistent flow of leads.

Quality of Services: Your ability to secure business depends on the quality of your services, your reputation, and the reviews and ratings you receive from clients.

Client Interaction: Your success may also depend on your ability to respond promptly to inquiries, present yourself professionally, and negotiate effectively with potential clients.

Adherence to Guidelines: Advertisers must adhere to our advertising guidelines and provide accurate and honest information about their services. Misleading or deceptive advertising is not permitted.

No Refunds: Given the nature of advertising services, we do not offer refunds based on the number of leads generated or the business acquired.

While we cannot guarantee specific outcomes, we are committed to providing you with the tools and platform to showcase your business effectively. Our team is here to support you in maximizing the benefits of your advertising campaign, and we encourage you to reach out to us with any questions or concerns.

By advertising with our contractor directory, you acknowledge and agree to these terms and understand that advertising results are subject to various factors beyond our control. We appreciate your trust in our platform and look forward to helping you grow your business.